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 Jiwans Joke

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PostSubject: Jiwans Joke   Fri Mar 06, 2009 3:00 am

3 explorers were looking in the forest when they were captured by Indians. They were taken to their chief, and he said go out into the forest and come back with 10 of the same kind of fruits. The first guy comes back with 10 bananas, and the chief says, shove them all up your butt without making a sound.
So the 1st guy gets 2 bananas in when he starts screaming, so the Indians kill him. The second guy comes back with 10 berries, and they shove 9 in and are about to shove the 10th in when he starts laughing, and so since he made a sound the Indians killed him too.
Now the first two explorers souls fly out of their bodies and into heaven and they start talking. The first explorer says 'Hey dude why did you laugh you could've gone back and told out families what had happened'.
The 2nd explorer replies, 'Sorry I just couldn't stop when I saw Fred comin down the hill with 10 pineapples
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Jiwans Joke
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